China supplier 12815275 Planetary Gearbox for CZPT Road Roller SD135, SD160/SD190/SD200, SD160b differential gearbox

Product Description

12815275 Planetary gearbox For  Volvo road roller  SD135, SD160/SD190/SD2 Planetary Gearbox, specifically designed for CZPT road rollers SD135, SD160/SD190/SD2 Planetary Gearbox is specifically designed to fit CZPT road rollers, making it a perfect replacement for your existing gearbox. Its compatibility with these models ensures a seamless integration, eliminating the need for any modifications or adjustments.

This gearbox is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications. Its sturdy design and high-quality materials make it capable of handling the toughest tasks with ease. Whether you are working on road construction, infrastructure development, or any other construction project, this gearbox will deliver exceptional performance, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

With its planetary gear system, this gearbox offers excellent torque multiplication, allowing for smooth and precise operation. It provides the necessary power and control to handle various terrains and achieve optimal compaction results. The gear system is designed to minimize noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable working environment for the operator.

Bo Wei CZPT Li takes pride in delivering products that exceed customer expectations. The 12815275 Planetary Gearbox is no exception. With its superior quality and performance, it is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your CZPT road roller.

In conclusion, the 12815275 Planetary Gearbox is a heavy-duty gearbox specifically designed for CZPT road rollers SD135, SD160/SD190/SD200, and SD160B. Manufactured by Bo Wei CZPT Li, it offers exceptional performance, durability, and compatibility. With its advanced technology and robust construction, this gearbox ensures smooth and efficient operation, making it the ideal choice for construction machinery.

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1. Product: Excavator hydraulic parts
2. Standard: Original and OEM 
3. Certification: ISO9001

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Excavator hydraulic parts


Excavator hydraulic parts

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planetary gearbox

Impact of Gear Tooth Design and Profile on the Efficiency of Planetary Gearboxes

The design and profile of gear teeth have a significant impact on the efficiency of planetary gearboxes:

  • Tooth Profile: The tooth profile, such as involute, cycloid, or modified profiles, affects the contact pattern and load distribution between gear teeth. An optimized profile minimizes stress concentration and ensures smooth meshing, contributing to higher efficiency.
  • Tooth Shape: The shape of gear teeth influences the amount of sliding and rolling motion during meshing. Gear teeth designed for more rolling and less sliding motion reduce friction and wear, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Pressure Angle: The pressure angle at which gear teeth engage affects the force distribution and efficiency. Larger pressure angles can lead to higher efficiency due to improved load sharing, but they may require more space.
  • Tooth Thickness and Width: Optimized tooth thickness and width contribute to distributing the load more evenly across the gear face. Proper sizing reduces stress and increases efficiency.
  • Backlash: Backlash, the gap between meshing gear teeth, impacts efficiency by causing vibrations and energy losses. Properly controlled backlash minimizes these effects and improves efficiency.
  • Tooth Surface Finish: Smoother tooth surfaces reduce friction and wear. Proper surface finish, achieved through grinding or honing, enhances efficiency by reducing energy losses due to friction.
  • Material Selection: The choice of gear material influences wear, heat generation, and overall efficiency. Materials with good wear resistance and low friction coefficients contribute to higher efficiency.
  • Profile Modification: Profile modifications, such as tip and root relief, optimize tooth contact and reduce interference. These modifications minimize friction and increase efficiency.

In summary, the design and profile of gear teeth play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of planetary gearboxes. Optimal tooth profiles, shapes, pressure angles, thicknesses, widths, surface finishes, and material selections all contribute to reducing friction, wear, and energy losses, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

planetary gearbox

Contribution of Planetary Gearboxes to Construction Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Planetary gearboxes play a crucial role in enhancing the proper functioning of construction machinery and heavy equipment. Here’s how they contribute:

High Torque Transmission: Construction machinery often requires high torque to handle heavy loads and perform tasks like digging, lifting, and material handling. Planetary gearboxes excel in transmitting high torque efficiently, allowing these machines to operate effectively even under demanding conditions.

Compact Design: Many construction and heavy equipment applications have limited space for gear mechanisms. Planetary gearboxes offer a compact design with a high power-to-weight ratio. This compactness allows manufacturers to integrate gearboxes into tight spaces without compromising performance.

Customizable Ratios: Different construction tasks require varying speeds and torque levels. Planetary gearboxes offer the advantage of customizable gear ratios, allowing equipment designers to tailor the gearbox to the specific needs of the application. This flexibility enhances the versatility of construction machinery.

Durability and Reliability: Construction sites are challenging environments with dust, debris, and extreme weather conditions. Planetary gearboxes are known for their durability and robustness, making them well-suited for heavy-duty applications. Their enclosed design protects internal components from contaminants and ensures reliable operation.

Efficient Power Distribution: Many construction machines are equipped with multiple functions that require power distribution among different components. Planetary gearboxes can be designed with multiple output shafts, enabling efficient distribution of power to various tasks while maintaining precise control.

Reduced Maintenance: The rugged construction and efficient power transmission of planetary gearboxes result in reduced wear and lower maintenance requirements. This is particularly beneficial in construction settings where downtime for maintenance can be costly.

Overall, planetary gearboxes contribute significantly to the proper functioning of construction machinery and heavy equipment by providing high torque, compactness, customization, durability, efficient power distribution, and reduced maintenance needs. Their capabilities enhance the performance and reliability of these machines in the demanding construction industry.

planetary gearbox

Examples of High Torque and Compact Design Applications for Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes excel in applications where high torque output and a compact design are essential. Here are some scenarios where these characteristics are crucial:

  • Automotive Transmissions: In modern vehicles, planetary gearboxes are used in automatic transmissions to efficiently transmit engine power to the wheels. The compact size of planetary gearboxes allows for integration within the limited space of a vehicle’s transmission housing.
  • Robotics: Planetary gearboxes are utilized in robotic arms and joints, where compactness is essential to maintain the robot’s overall size while providing the necessary torque for precise and controlled movement.
  • Conveyor Systems: Conveyor belts in industries like material handling and manufacturing often require high torque to move heavy loads. The compact design of planetary gearboxes allows them to be integrated into the conveyor system’s framework.
  • Wind Turbines: Wind turbine applications demand high torque to convert low wind speeds into sufficient rotational force for power generation. The compact design of planetary gearboxes helps optimize space within the turbine’s nacelle.
  • Construction Machinery: Heavy equipment used in construction, such as excavators and loaders, rely on planetary gearboxes to provide the necessary torque for digging and lifting operations without adding excessive weight to the machinery.
  • Marine Propulsion: Planetary gearboxes play a crucial role in marine propulsion systems by efficiently transmitting high torque from the engine to the propeller shaft. The compact design is particularly important in the limited space of a ship’s engine room.

These examples highlight the significance of planetary gearboxes in applications where both high torque output and a compact footprint are vital considerations. Their ability to deliver efficient torque conversion within a small space makes them well-suited for a wide range of industries and machinery.

China supplier 12815275 Planetary Gearbox for CZPT Road Roller SD135, SD160/SD190/SD200, SD160b   differential gearbox	China supplier 12815275 Planetary Gearbox for CZPT Road Roller SD135, SD160/SD190/SD200, SD160b   differential gearbox
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